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A Swimmer Again?


I know many of my swimmers have a parent or a grandparent that were competitive swimmers. Former swimmers are the gateway for many into this crazy world of weekend meets, morning practices and green hair. But competitive swimming does not have to end at high school or college. Especially if you are looking for a way after Covid to return to a fitness routine. Scrounge up some of your kids extra goggles, pull on that old skimpy suit, and jump into your nearest community center lap lane. And while you don't have to join a masters team, it might make it not just easier to commit to swimming but a hell of a lot more fun! Because- if I am being honest- those first few swims might be grueling but once your body adjusts it will seem just like old times. Without a doubt you will find yourself wondering why you ever stopped.


1400 Workout

-Jump in- a quick 50- your choice!


-100 kick (face in the water breath every 6 kicks)

-200 Swim (switch between free & back every 50)

-100 kick- (streamline on your back- arms crossed over chest)

Main Set

-8x25 IM order (15 second rests between)

-50 easy breast

-8 x 25 IM order (15 seconds rest between)

-4x 75- drill-swim-drill (IM order- 1st 75- fly/ 2nd- back/3rd- breast/4th-free)

Cool Down

-100 swim (switch between breast & free)

-100 kick (on your back arms crossed over chest)

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