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Proper Form-

  • Knees should be under hips- not out in front.

  • Foot plant should be underneath your body.

Foot Strike-

  • You should land midsole and then roll through your toes.

  • Do not slap your feet.

Have Good Posture -

  • Just like swimming your core should be engaged. Helps maintain good posture even when tired.

  • No side to side body movement.

  • Head should be looking forward.

  • Keep shoulders and neck relaxed. Running tight and tense can cause injury and make running miserable.


  • Hands should be at waist height.

  • Good arm swing makes you run more efficiently and helps boost your pace- whether you are sprinting, running or slowly jogging.

  • Bad arm swing can cause slouching. Slouching leads to shallow breathing and can cause side stiches.

  • Hand should not cross the center of your body

  • Don't clench your fists. Pretend you are holding an egg!

  • Arms should be bent at an 90 degree angle.

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