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Dynamic Stretching

-20 each arm circles (forward & backward double front- double back)

-20 each leg swings (front &back / side to side)


30 Seconds - High knee drives- with 2 knee drives on each side

30 Seconds- Butt Kickers- 2 on each side

30 Seconds Mixing it up- 2 knee drives on each side and 2 butt kickers on each side. (this works the hip flexor and hamstrings)

Timed Jumping Rope 30 seconds to 3 minutes (works entire body)

-One leg jumps

-Heel touch jumps

-Bunny jumps

10 reverse lunges with spine rotation (works on balance, stability, flexibility,, and improves kinetic chain)

Dribble A Tennis Ball switching from hand to hand (this works on hand - eye coordination)

-Dribble two balls

-With a ball in each hand throw and catch with each arm

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