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Early Season Tips

It is important as a coach to remember that for swimmers- under 12, the emphasis at practice should be a balance of anaerobic and aerobic work, with a focus on stroke proficiency and not yardage. Physiologically, tween swimmers do not need as much yardage as older, postpubescent swimmers. In fact, too much yardage increases risk of injury, burnout, and, according to a article, "Studies show over-training before age 14 can actually reduce the chances of later success."

  • Now Is the time to make technical changes. Not in the thick of the season or right before championships.

    Evaluations and improvements should be done early.

  • Work on developing ease in the water. Especially in young swimmers. The more comfortable swimmers are, the more likely they will be able to shift from intermeditate to proficient stroke development.

  • Yardage. No escaping it. The only way to get into swim shape is to be in the pool swimming! Early in the season practice should be all about drills, kicking, and lots of laps!

Warm Up

Broken 300 free -20 sec rest between 100’s

8x50 Drill -these are slow with perfect technique

1&5 -shoulder rotate

2&6 -head touch

3&7 -SLOB (Streamline free on back)

4&8 -windmill arms

Main Set

4x 200 yds IM in reverse order (Fr/BR/BK/Fly) -20 Second rest

4x 100 fly

4x100 BK

4x 100 BR

15 Seconds rest Between Each 10

4x 100

1- 100 Sprint Fly and BR

2- 100 Sprint Bk and Fr

3- 100 Sprint FLY and BR

4- 100-Sprint BK and FR Cool Down 300 nice and slow alternating BReast and Free

15 Seconds rest Between Each 100

Cool Down

300 nice and slow alternating breast and free

Total Yardage- 3400
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