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Sleep and Nutrition- Although important at any time of year, Nutrition and Sleep become critical for staying healthy when busy schedules and cold weather put extra strain on your body. Teen swimmers need 8+ hours of sleep and preteens need at least 9.

Dress Appropriately- Swimmers should wear weather-appropriate coats, pants, socks and shoes to and from practice. They should take extra care to cover up with dry clothes and consider wearing a stocking cap when leaving practice and going out into the cold.

Hydrate and Moisturize- Cold weather (like swimming) is tough on hair and skin, and exertion in the pool makes you sweat, even if you don’t feel hot. Drink plenty of water in cold weather just like when it’s hot outside, and preserve healthy hair and skin with conditioners and moisturizers.

Add some cold weather gear to your swim bag- Keep an extra jacket and hat in your swim bag in case you forget. A dry pair of socks is a good idea too, and don’t forget your Chapstick!

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