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A long-term study at Indiana University Center for the Science of Swimming found that swimmers aged over 35 swimming roughly 3,500 to 5,000 yards three to five times a week, postponed the ageing process. Swimming has been proven to improve muscle mass, lung and heart function, boosts mental health, reduces the risk of osteoporosis and increases flexibility.
As we age (gracefully) in water training and dryland just require a different approach to get the results you want.

More Reasons To Continue To Swim
  • Friendships- swimming whether Masters or on your own is a great way to connect & make new friends.

  • Low Impact On Joints- Swimming is known to reduce wear and tear on joints.

  • Condition, Burn Calories & Build Muscle- Swimming Works both aerobic & anaerobic systems.

  • Heart Health- Due to decreased gravitational influence, swimming allows your heart to push the blood around your body easier,. By putting less stress on the heart it allows it to work more efficiently.

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