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Why do athletes need protein?

For muscle repair and recovery.

Protein provides amino acids that our muscles need to continually rebuild themselves.

In some situations protein is used as fuel. When an athlete's diet lacks adequate carbohydrates.

Athletes have higher protein requirements -

USA Swimming suggests swimmers eat a diet 30% protein.

A lack of sufficient protein is a common concern for people eating a plant based diet. 


Though most experts agree a plant based diet can provide a balanced diet- including one high in protein. However, some provide more nutrients than others.


Did you know broccoli actually contains more protein per calorie than beef? Or that per calorie, spinach contains about the same amounts of protein as chicken or fish? Approximately 50% of the calories that come from spinach are protein.

Looks like Popeye might have been on to something!

Non-meat protein options

Nut or soy butter




Cocoa powder

Green Peas

Beans & Legumes




French Medieval Woman
the word “protein” is derived from the Greek word proteios, meaning “ of prime importance,”
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