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Relay Starts

Tips For Greater Power Off The Block

-Whether you are the first swimmer or the last you should be on the block in a low body position. Remember the start is a jump. Lower is better.

-While, I am not a big fan of winding up your arms for added momentum. I know lots of coaches believe it is the best way to gain speed and distances off the block. I have seen little research that backs this up. It is however, important to remember to put your focus on leg force, acceleration, speed, and propulsion will help you jump farther out- into the water! Also, you should definitely use your arms to follow swimmers into the wall. This will help maximize your lift off the block.


-Roll up on the balls of your feet with your toes curled over the edge of the block for grip. Again, this is a jump... be ready to spring forward.

-Anticipate your teammates drive into the wall. Remember to stay in a low position for proper acceleration off the block- JUMPING OUT INTO THE WATER!

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