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Swimmers do not get much down time or time in-between seasons. So the idea of off-season training to most of us may seem futile. But training in the off-season or early season is important because it is a time you can focus on developing better habits as well as improving your technique. Off-season training will directly and indirectly affect your season and more importantly, your performance!

I like to encourage swimmers to use this time to work on things like core development, leg strength, endurance, and even their focus. Meditation, yoga, and pilates are great ways to use those precious weeks off for big season accomplishments.

These in between and off-season breaks are great times to start a program to increase core strength. Here are three ways that help make us stronger through our abs, lower back and thighs.

  • Weight Training

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

  • Pilates

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