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Ever notice that in the colder months we crave comfort foods? Our bodies want those heavier meals with greater caloric value- and there is actually a reason for that. During the coldest part of the year your body works harder to keep you warm. Eating keeps you warm. Biological impulses to survive drive us to eat more during the chilly winter months, and that helps to generate internal heat, and increases overall body temperature.

Another factor to consider, swimmers have greater caloric needs than even other athletes. It is important to eat, not just to fuel you through training and competition, but the cold, especially if you are dryland training outdoors running, hiking or biking. A recent Wyoming Study showed that exercise does burn more calories in the cold than in warm weather.

Not only does proper winter nutrition help with performance but also recovery. For athletes skipping meals is the same as skipping practice. And you would never do that.

Ways to Improve

  • Hydrate. Both during training and afterwards, to support recovery.

  • Do not cut carbs. They are the body’s preferred fuel, especially during hard training.

  • Avoid ultra-processed food. They offer zero nutritional benefit and may in fact hinder your success.

  • Repair your damaged muscles with protein. Such as chocolate milk!

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