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What Is Your kick style?

Traditional flutter kick is either 6 beat or 2 beat.

Which kick beat is best for you?

Research shows, to make the 2 beat kick style work effectively you need certain physiological elements in place in your stroke:

  • Swimmers need a good catch technique pressing the water backwards, effectively at all times.

  • An absence of a pause and glide in your arm stroke timing.

  • Good rhythm to the stroke, moving continuously from one stroke to the next

  • A developed kicking technique, kicking from the hip with very little knee bend.

  • Don't forget proper foot placement in the water. Heels should be at the waters edge and not lower than your hips. Motion of kick should resemble kicking a soccer ball.

While you are still developing proper stroke technique, you are much better off with a light 6 beat flutter kick.
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