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Surviving swimming During The coldest part of the year isn't just about increasing caloric intake, but getting through the daily grind, the unpredictable weather, and morning practice! Here are a few tricks to help you Stay Dedicated to the sport you love during the dog days of Winter.

  • Make time for you. It is Important to have balance in your life. And that includes time away from the pool.

  • Don't forget your friends that aren't swimmers. Include them in your life- even during the season. Invite them to meet your swim friends.

  • Sleep. Lack of sleep can affect every aspect of your life- Including how we perceive things. Being well rested will improve everything! Make the time.

  • Dress appropriately. I've seen swimmers leave practice bare legged and in little more than a parka over their suit- Take of your self. Getting sick mid season is the worst.

  • Eat Whole Foods. Hydrate. Take a vitamin. Swimming is better when you are healthy!

  • Every swimmer should Use conditioner- Your hair will thank me.

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