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Help Athletes Construct A Healthy Mindset They have been shown by sports psychologist to improve both mental and physical well-being.

Why Journal?

  • Increased Mental Well Being

  • Ability to Better Achieve Goals

  • Strengthen Self Discipline

  • Build Mental Resilience

  • Improve Communication Skills

How To Get Started...

  • Get A Notebook (recommend medium or composition size). I prefer swimmers use a notebook to computer or phone so that they can get creative. In a notebook they can glue clippings, use tickers, draw, and get really creative.

  • Write anything you like!


Researcher Edwin Locke found that individuals who set specific, difficult goals performed better than those who set general, easy goals. Locke proposed five basic principles of goal-setting: clarity, challenge, commitment, feedback, and task complexity.

Important to...

-Have realistic expectations.

-Think about what you want to achieve during the season.

-Share Goals with Your Coach.

-Create An Action plan.

Remember that Goals are not set in stone. You are allowed to rewrite/rework/re-evaluate your goals at any point in the season.
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