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Anemia is when your body either doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells or your red blood cells aren’t functioning properly. There are several types of anemia, these are the two most common:

Iron Deficiency Anemia- This occurs when you do not have enough iron in your body due to diet, body changes, blood loss, or gastrointestinal tract abnormalities.

Vitamin Deficiency Anemia- May result when you have low levels of B12 or folic acid. This type of anemia is typically due to poor diet.

Anemia, like all vitamin deficiency, acts silently.... you probably won't recognize something is wrong until you are in the midst of the worst of it.

How does this happen?

Athletes are conditioned to cope. Deal with pain. Fight through tough practices. Overcome circumstances that would leave most flat on their backs!



Brittle nails/white spots/nail abnormalities

Dizziness or lightheadedness- especially going from sitting to standing

Shortness of breath. Sometimes confused with stress or anxiety because it seems like a long sigh

Always cold- especially your hands or feet

Overall weakness

Pounding or “whooshing” in your ears

Extreme exhaustion.


Sore and achy legs or feet

Inflammation or soreness on your tongue

Sore throat or gagging feeling in the back of your throat

Sore neck and shoulders

Headaches and tension headaches

Muscle cramp,

Diarrhea or stomach cramps


Increased or fast heartbeat


Chest pains

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