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Coach To Coach- Know Your Team

What type of swimmers are you coaching? A meet swimmer? A practice swimmer? Are they happy go lucky or wear each high and low on their shoulders? Is school a challenge? Or maybe things aren't easy at home. whatever the circumstances understanding the athletes you coach is as important as how much yardage they swim.

A few things to remember...

  • All swimmers come to practice with baggage. Some are just better at hiding it.

  • Puberty will affect a swimmers development and performance. Growth spurts, menstruation, and hormonal changes in both boys and girls can slow them down, make practice more challenging and conquering technique seem impossible. Focus on the things they can control, such as technique while they mature into their bodies.

  • Proper nutrition is essential to recovery. But it doesn't just stop there, vitamin and nutrient deficiency can affect focus, concentration, hinder coordination, weaken your immune system, and increase risk of injury.

What Type Of Swimmer Are You?

Meet Swimmer- Generally dislike and underperform during the daily grind of practice, yet thrive on competition and perform beyond expectation at meets.

Practice Swimmer- Athletes who excel at practice, preferring the structure of daily workouts versus the anxiety that comes with competition.

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