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What made you decide to create your own fins?

Growing up in Laguna Beach, we would wear fins all year long and could not stand how uncomfortable they were. We wanted to make comfortable fins with the perfect fit that would benefit swimmers, of all levels.

How did the unique design of Laguna Fin come about?

We came up with our design with comfortability in mind. We knew that all swimmers of all levels needed something different from what is offered in the market. We wanted fins that are lightweight and travel-friendly.

Can you talk about your swim experience growing up?

I was always in the water, whether it be the pool or the ocean. Needing something better than my equipment, I went through every fin on the market. I was constantly searching for anything that would help me last longer in the water without getting blisters or cramps.

How are Laguna Fin different from other fins?

Standard fins are heavy and cumbersome, while Laguna Fin only weighs 1.4lbs. The extra weight on other swim fins makes them less efficient to kick and also stresses your feet and ankles. Our fins are compact and lightweight in and out of the water and give you flexibility on your ankles. Laguna Fin are designed to make you a stronger swimmer, while gliding comfortably through the water. Swimmers prefer lightweight fins that are easier to kick in the water.

How durable are they compared to other brands?

Laguna Fins are meant to serve as a long lasting training tool. Our fins have enduring neoprene foot pocket, as well as reinforced toe pocket made with water-resistant military grade fabric (1000 Denier CORDURA® nylon fabric with urethane backing). They also have ultra-responsive blade made from a polymer and rubber blend.

Do you think the shorter fin is a better training tool than the larger fins that some swimmers train with?

Our fins are an outstanding training tool for all swimmers. Large long fins effect your stroke tempo and foot flexibility and leave you dragging behind once the fins are taken off. Laguna Fin are designed to help you to be a better waterman/woman. Our specially designed short blades provide comfort, allowing you to work your feet 100%, unlike the other fins on the market that only use 70%. Laguna Fin are designed to act like an extension of your foot so once the fins are removed there is no need for an adjustment in your kick tempo and stroke.

Your website mentions custom fins- could you elaborate on how custom fins differ from other fins and who might benefit from them?

Laguna Fin can be customized with your name, team name or whatever you choose on the back adjustable heel strap. This is a great addition so you always know which fins are yours.

Where can swimmers purchase a pair of Laguna Fins?

What is one piece of advice you would give to young and/or new swimmers?

We recently launched our Youth Fins. They’re adjustable so they fit 3-11 year olds. Beginner swimmers using uncomfortable swim fins can make you feel like you never want to use them again. Our fins can train from pool to competitive training. Start with Laguna Fins and you will never want other fins again.

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