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Might seems obvious but for some swimmers- even experienced swimmers- the art of capping their own head behooves them. Every swimmer needs to know how to put on a cap on their own!

  • If you have long or thick hair- tie it back into a bun or ponytail( if you can.)

  • Wet cap. I find this helps me get cap over my long hair the easiest.

  • Give the cap a good stretch without damaging it. Don't use your fingernails!

  • Bend head slightly forward and place the inside of the cap over your forehead.

  • Pull cap over your head.

  • Adjust front or over your ears if necessary.

Every competitive swimmer should wear a cap at practice and at meets. Why?

-It Protects your hair from the chemicals in the pool.
-Caps like Hammer Head Caps are designed to protect your head- so for some swimmers it is a safety issue.
-They help swimmers be aerodynamic in the water.
More importantly- it is just another part of the equipment elite swimmes use to improve.
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