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Cool Down For Recovery

The purpose of the cool down is to return your heart rate close to resting. Studies continue to show improved performance for swimmers who cool down between races.
Regulates Blood Flow-

At the end of the workout, movement of blood slows within the vascular system, and there is less available pressure to move the blood, which can lead to a build-up as blood becomes somewhat trapped between valves. This can cause sensations of lightheadedness, or dizziness, or even fainting. Cooling down also helps to eliminate lactate and other waste products accumulated during high-intensity exercise.

Return to your resting heart rate-

Returning your heart rate to normal allows you to restore your physiological systems to baseline and bring down your body temperature.

Also- improved flexibility and better recovery- which is key especially on days you are doing doubles or competing in meets.

Keys To After Competition Cool Down

  • Cool down should begin as soon as possible.

  • It should last between 20 to 25 minutes in duration.

  • Fast twitch muscles fatigue quickly, so sprinters should theoretically cool down longer than distance swimmers.

  • Cool down should consist of low or moderate intensity swimming.

  • Be sure to incorporate drills to reinforce technique, underwaters and SLOB(streamline on back).

On Deck Cool Down Exercises
  • Stretch Your Calf and Foot Muscles

  • Shoulder stretch

  • chest stretch

  • Quad Stretch

  • Hip Flexor Stretch

  • Lying Twist

  • Cobra Pose

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