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Getting Back To The Pool

For most of us, it has been a long year away from the pool. And, if I am being honest, being home hasn't been completely conducive to workouts. The Covid 15 has happened to the best of us. With the vaccine & everything re-opening it is time to put away the sourdough and dust off those goggles...

Masters Swimming
7 Day Back To the Pool Workout

Day 1- 30 minutes run or walk/30 minute swim

Day 2- Pilates (recommend Ellen Barrett on YouTube)

45 minute swim 15 minute warm-up/20 minute continuous swim- switching each 50 drill/kick/underwater swim- 10 minute cool down.)

Day 3- 30 minute free weights/ 45 minutes swim (15 warm-up/20 minute swim- each 100 free/back/drill- 10 minute cool down.

Day 4- 1 hour yoga (stretching will help with recovery & could be incorporated into your daily routine/ 1 hour swim.

Day 5- 1400 yard swim4x50 drill 4x75- swim choice 8x50 kick with board face in the water.

Day 6- 2000 swim-200 switch stroke every 25 back or free 8x50- drill /2x200 IM/50 scull/3x100 IM/50 scull/2x100 Free/50 scull/4x50 streamline on your back /4x50 swim/100 scull cool down.

Day 7- Recovery Day- 30 minute -your choice- walk or bike & 30 minutes yoga.

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