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Feet On The Ground

Improve Your Running Technique.

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Year after year I see elite swimmers struggle during dryland. Dryland is important for many reasons: flexibility, mobility, improved cardio, better posture, balance, improved body position, and last but not least, it helps prevent injuries. A great way to maximize your dryland workout is being sure on your feet, so we are stepping back to basics here with some RUNNING 101.

  • Be aware of your foot strike. You should land midsole and then roll through your toes. There should not be any slapping sound!

  • Have good posture. Just like in swimming your core should be engaged. That helps maintain proper upright position even when tired.

  • Keep shoulders and neck relaxed. Running tight and tense will cause back pain and make running miserable.

  • Arms should be at 90 degree angle. Bad arm swing can lead to slouching. Slouching leads to shallow breathing and can cause side stitches.

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