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A Swimming Foundation

Not everyone who gets involved in triathlons has a swimming background. Never fear! Getting caught up to speed with swimming is easier than you think. It just takes commitment & dedication.

First Step- Body Position

Perhaps the most important aspect of swimming-

your body's position in the water.

When open water swimming it is important to remember your body should be sitting on top of the water- not sunk down below the waterline. Swimming over the water not in it. I know depending on water conditions that isn't always easy. High hips allows you to maintain position and keeps your legs at waterline. Don't drop your feet into the water. Remember your heels are the only part of your foot that should break the surface of the water.

Drills To Improve Open Water Swimming

Riverstroke - Maintaining a long straight body in the water.

Tip- tightening your core will help maintain your bodyline.

Catch up Drill- Normal freestyle except you wait for one arm stroke to completely finish before you start the next.

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