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Benefits Of Sculling

What is sculling?

Sculling is a back & forth hand technique (that resembles a figure-8). The purpose is to allow swimmers to develop a 'better feel' for the water.

But truly it is more than that. Sculling improves strength training by improving power production of stroke-related muscle groups- namely, your lower body, back & bicep muscles.

Why Do We Scull?

To learn better hand and arm placement in the water, which allows us to create better propulsion. But that type of mindfulness can only be achieved once the swimmer develops a solid feel for the water. Let's be honest, some swimmers have an unfair, advantage in that regard. We all swim or coach those athletes who seem to have an innate sense of how to move in the water with little or no instruction. While some swimmers must work really hard to achieve that level of comfort. It is not impossible. Like everything else in swimming it is nothing more that time in the pool can't conquer.

Types of Sculling

Vertical- Done in deep end. Legs straight. Hands sweeping in figure 8 pattern.

Horizontal- Face up or Face down. Your hands propel your body backwards

Feet First- moving forward with your feet out in front and your head trailing behind.

Head First-Sometimes called superman. you are in a supine position with your two hands as far out in front of yourself as you can reach.

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