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Jumping into the Water
Swim Wild

5 Reasons To Open Water Swim

1)Immune Health

More important than ever to have a healthy immunity system. Would you believe cold open water swimming could be key? A 1996 study found immersing yourself in cold water for an hour, three times a week increases your white blood cell count, which boosts your immune system, meaning less colds through winter, despite regularly dipping yourself in icy cold water.

2)Helps Fight Depression

Exercise and physical activity positively impact our mood. One of the ways it does that is by increasing the secretion of dopamine- the happy hormone. Dopamine creates a feeling of euphoria and excitement. Studies show that swimming in water of 14 degrees Celsius increased dopamine levels by 250 percent.

3)Burns More Calories

Cold water swimming has a physical effect causing an increase in your metabolic rate- in other words energy turnover increases, causing you to burn more calories.

4)Improves Cardiovascular Health

Swimming being an aerobic exercise- strengthens the heart by helping it pump more efficiently- leading to better blood flow throughout your body.

5)Reduces Stress

Ask any swimmer and they will tell you that being in the water helps soothe the mind and reduce anxiety. In fact a study done by shows it significantly reduces the symptoms of depression of those who regularly swim. Physical activity triggers the parasympathetic nervous system — the part of our nervous system that's responsible for rest and relaxation.

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